Meet The Team


Juan Carlos Santiago
Juan Carlos SantiagoProducer
Juan Carlos Santiago is the servant leader. He relies on his team to create great content while providing them with the tools to get the job done. As a fan of video games since before the 8bit era, he has vowed to produce the best teams and create the kinds of games he has always dreamt of making as the producer.
Eric Abraham Noyes
Eric Abraham NoyesAssociate Producer
Eric Abraham Noyes brings his marketing expertise along with experience in business analysis and management to help an already strong team build a great product. Humbly and happily filling in when needed Eric lends a hand in nearly every facet of the game as the Associate Producer.

Design Team

Robert Allen
Robert AllenLead Designer
Robert Allen is a guy who loves playing and making video games, so much so that after several years of gaming through high school he attended a college to learn how to become a game designer. He’s known James for quite a long time and JC only in the past year. Robert Likes to be the man of many hats and participate in different aspects of Grenade Tree like writing, artwork, and scripting as lead designer.

Yves Domingo
Yves DomingoEnvironment Artist
Yves Domingo is a gamer who is a starving artist and creates pretty 3D stuff in video game engines. He finds the time to create 3D art during his free time from defending the world from zombies and terrorists. Yves is the token Filipino guy who occasionally goes to Karaoke bars singing Disney Songs. Yves is able to sing both the male and female parts to “A Whole New World”. As you can see, Yves has way too much time on his hands and should concentrate on defending the world from zombies and terrorists…and of course create 3D objects for Grenade Tree Games as the environment artist.

Bryce William Peters
Bryce William PetersLead Writer
Bryce William Peters is desperately struggling to describe the world he sees in which others do not. Part-time time-traveler, each destination dares to be recorded. It should come as no surprise that he is the writer.
DS Wallace
DS WallaceComposer/Audio Director
DS Wallace learned music in the remote forests of Eastern Oregon’s volcano-scarred wild-lands, from unfenced mountain lions, the wind in the pines, elk in silent snowpack, and rivers in mountain valleys – violent, beautiful, and serene. Sequestered from organic music in an urban metropolis of chaotic soundscapes, DS finds respite in Skyrim’s soundtrack, which was the backdrop for his daughter’s recent birth. He also designed music and SFX for the Gravity and Prometheus trailers. He is our Composer and Audio Director.


Grant Taylor
Grant TaylorMarketing Manager
A graphic designer turned marketing warrior, Grant specializes in social media marketing. When not working on a new campaign strategy, he’s busy curating content, engaging with followers, and analyzing recent ad data. Always a social butterfly, he’s quick to answer questions about the brand and loves spreading the word about the company.