Outland 17 – Revolutionary Tactical RPG


Outland 17: Void of Liberty is a sci-fi tactical RPG based around the events of the American Revolutionary War. Earth’s population has swelled, leading to a strain on her resources and a wider gap between the wealthy and the impoverished. Stations are being built outside of the Earth’s orbit to explore more possible resources and to alleviate the burdening population.

Those in poverty are offered places on these Outlands in the hopes of working off their debt to the corporate companies on Earth. However, awful working conditions, unfair laws, and martial brutality have pushed the colonists to the breaking point.

G. Martin Wallace, citizen of the People’s Republic of Earth, hears rumors of civil unrest in the colonies. Despite the official reports of peace, Martin Wallace is compelled to validate these rumors for himself. You start with Martin Wallace landing on Outland 3 seeking out the truth and, eventually, organizing a more effective force that can match the military force present on Outland 3.


Core features include:

  • Open Ended Character Progression – How you play determines the new skills that go into your squad’s Kits. Whether you spend time sniping from a distance or brawling in the middle of the fray will change the abilities that are offered when they level up. Build a team specifically customized to your playstyle!
  • Accessible Gameplay That’s A Challenge For Everyone – Implementing a linear tile system, you won’t need grids to tell you who to shoot. Advance or retreat your squad along these tiles during missions and select different paths to take them to their goal or explore different areas.
  • Complete Squad Customization – Customize your squad members to fit ANY role that you need, using ANY weapon available. Modify their weapons to alter stats or boost damage. Change their ammo type for different affects and strategy!
  • Impactful Choices That Influence The Story – Choose whether to free your fellow man or reign as the new tyrannical leader.
  • Availability For PC and Mac, and later Android and iOS
  • High Replayability Through Alternative Play Modes

The game is being developed to be accessible for casual gamers but enjoyable for the hardcore community. With an enticing story and the ability to engage in combat the way you want to play, there’s something to offer for all in the universe of Outland 17.